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How Android Has Largest User Base

What Is Android? For some of us who are very new to smartphone world, this is the introductory information. Android is a mobile operating system founded in Android Inc. in year 2003 by Andy Rubin, Nick Sears, Rich Miner, and Chris White. In the year 2005, Android Inc. was bought by Google for around $50 million. Since then it is nourished, developed and improved by Google. Android was initially for

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How websites use GPS and geolocation services

Just wonder how a website or a Mobile app can get your real and exact location. There are a number of ways to perform geo location in school days we all have heard about latitudes and longitudes. Yes, these latitudes and longitudes are a measure that help these websites and applications to fetch your location. Now the question would be “How a website or an application does gets your exact

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